Latest U16 Team News

We Are Alliance Champions!

As a coach of the Waterloo Wolves, I am incredibly proud of my team’s achievements this season. Winning the Alliance Championship is a testament to our players’ hard work, dedication, and ability to work through challenges. I am also proud of our performance in the OHL Cup, where we made it to the semi-finals, proving that we can compete at the highest levels. I truly believe that this year’s success is a result of our team’s commitment to each other and to our program. It’s an honour to coach such a talented and dedicated group of players, and I am excited to see what the future holds for the Waterloo Wolves. Once a wolf, always a wolf.

Special thank you to RCAH Sports for your coverage and photos this season.

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Wolves lace up for OHL Cup!

It’s that time of year already! It’s not just playoff season, but the OHL Cup is just days away.

The Waterloo Wolves are enjoying the momentum of 10 consecutive wins and sweeping both playoff opponents in the quarters (Windsor) and semis (Huron-Perth).Continue reading…

Congrats on 50pts and a Gold Medal!

Congratulations to the Wolves on your incredible achievement thus far! The boys win against Cambridge this weekend ended the season with 50pts and locked into a third place spot. The work begins to the Alliance finals and the OHL Cup.

Your hard work, dedication, and teamwork have paid off, and I have had the privilege of watching you grow and develop as athletes and as individuals. You have shown tremendous commitment to your training, both on and off the ice, and your efforts have been truly inspiring.Continue reading…

Brady Martin heads to PEI with Team Ontario

The Waterloo U16 players and coaches are wishing Brady Martin and fellow Alliance hockey players Ryan Roobroeck, Jack Nesbitt, and Parker Snelgrove, the very best of luck with Team Ontario in PEI. As hockey players, you have dedicated countless hours to mastering your skills on the ice and we have no doubt that your hard work and determination will pay off in this competition.

Go out there and give it your all, leaving everything you have on the ice!

Tyler Ertel’s extensive hockey experience and knowledge has proven to be highly effective in leading the Waterloo Wolves AAA U16 (Minor Midget) program. He has played in the OHL himself and produced two OHL players of his own (Justin & Jordyn Ertel), bringing a unique perspective that he can pass on to his players. His coaching abilities have been honed through years of working with athletes at all stages of development through his Holistic Hockey, guiding players and teams to success.

With the assistance of seasoned assistant coaches Mark Strohack, Robin Cumming, and newcomer coach Jacob Ertel, we have enjoyed a great deal of success. Our past season includes winning the Alliance Championship and achieving an impressive semi-final finish at the OHL Cup, which is one of the most prestigious minor hockey tournaments in Canada.

Our successful hockey program prioritizes the development of our players both on and off the ice. The team’s commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous achievements and accolades, making it a top choice for young players looking to take their hockey skills to the next level.

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